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Trying to find on the best new mountain biking helmet? With all the options out there, finding the perfect helmet can be challenging. We have selected 5 internationally recognized brands with different ventilation, lightness, protection and comfort properties. POC Sports, Smith, Bell, UVex and Giro are one of the best budget option and excellent price of value. Find your best MTB helmet in this post.

Head Protection for XC MTB

Best Mountain Bike Helmets

1. POC
2. Smith
3. Bell
4. Uvex

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Best MTB Helmets 2023

The best mountain bike helmets balance safety, breathability, comfort and protection. Here’s a guide on how to choose the right one for you.

What is MIPS?

Probably, MIPS technology is familiar to you. The MIPS Brain Protection System is a helmet integrated, low friction layer designed to reduce rotational motion transferred to the brain during an impact. Most popular brands in cycling use this kind of technology: Giro, Bell, POC, Oakley..

What is the difference between a MTB and road helmet?

Road bike helmets don’t have a visor and have more air vents. However, there are a lot of aero helmets with a really good airflow system. Therefore, you can find cycling helmets with less air vents if you buy a aero product.

On the other hand, a road cycling helmet is more seeker and compact. Another big difference is the shape, MTB helmet has a better protection for the back of the head (and the brain’s occipital lobe). Because falls on rocky paths can be more dangerous in this area of our head.


Giro Fixture Helmet

Trail-inspired design with deep coverage / Full Hardbody shell / Removable visor / Extra-plush padding / Reflectivity / Integrated MIPS technology

POC Helmets

POC is a Swedish company with a strong mission to do the best we can to possibly save lives and to reduce the consequences of accidents for sports like ski or cycling. POC cycling helmets offer the next level of protection for cyclists. Helmets like POC Omne Air Spin, POC Axion or POC Tectal offer incredible impact-force absorption.

In particular, Axion SPIN is a lightweight, well ventilated trail helmet with extended coverage around the temples and back of the head. Depending on the difficulty and risk of your activity in MTB you can choose one of these helmets.

Best budget Mountain Bike Helmets

These are the best selling MTB helmets on amazon. Keep in mind the following, some helmets may offer a lower level of safety than high-end ones.

Smith Helmets

Smith offer a collection of men’s helmets for skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking and cycling. It is a very recognized international brand. For example, Smith Convoy has an excellent price of value. This helmet comes with comfort and protection. It has a MIPS® Brain Protection System reduces rotational forces caused by angled impacts to the head. Developed in a lightweight in-mold construction and AirEvac™ ventilation system. A good purchase option.


Giro Helmets (MIPS)

As trail riding progresses, helmets have to evolve. The Feature starts with a new shape that combines a little more coverage than traditional trail helmets. Giro helmets are lightweight, strong and comfortable to wear on trails. One of the oldest brands.

In particular, Giro Fixture and Bell 4Forty are two best-selling models.Giro Fixture has integrated Mips, reflectivity, removable visor and fit system based in Roc Loc Sports. One of the best budget mountain bike helmets.

UVex Helmets

Rocky trails over roots and dark forest paths: where paved trails end, real downhill action begins. This German brand offers Mountain Bike helmets for different levels of difficulty. The following helmets are very popular. 

Uvex Quatro integrale Tocsen is a high-end enduro helmet with integrated Tocsen crash sensor and automatic emergency call system. UVex has other hybrid products, trail roads and city. UVex City is a light and well ventilated, it provides protection in the urban jungle.

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