Best rear bike lights for 2023

A rear bike light is an important item to ride safer in bicycle. In fact, a rear bike light is recommended during the day as well as the night. To ride safer in some weather conditions like fog, low light and rain. We are the most vulnerable group on the road and a rear bike light boost our visibility for drivers. Then, A led rear bike light is a small investment for road and MTB riders.

5 best rear bike lights for 2023

If you want to buy a rear light for your bike. You must take into account some details: battery life, charging mode (USB, batteries …), waterproof, support and lumens (light power).

However, the most important thing is how the light improves our visibility on the road. Sometimes, a rear bike light is more important than the colour of our clothes. Some lights increase our visibility by more than 200 meters. In the next image you can see the visibility according to our maillot colour at night.

LED technology is the most recommended type of lighting. Why these kinds of lights? Led lights are more durable, less consumption, cheaper and this kind of light does not get hot.

IPX category is very important too. Probably, you may have noticed ratings such as IPX4 and IPX7 and wondered what they mean. IPX stands, the degree of protection against what could harm the light, such as water. IPX ratings describe the degree of protection against liquids in various products.

IPX2, light can survive vertical drops of water falling on it.
IPX4, light can survive splashes of water from any direction.
IPX6, light can survive strong water jets.
IPX7/8, light can survive immersion in water deeper than 1m.

Next we are going to show you the best rear lights for cycling and MTB that improve your day and night visibility.


A popular cycling brand of cycling computers, Cateye, has a light with an incredible average customer reviews in some countries like Canada, UK or USA.
Cateye Rapid Mini has 3 red LEDs with 25 Lumen outputs. A cheap quality-price light.

Cateye Rapid Mini

  • USB Rechargeable (Micro USB cable included)
  • 4 Light Modes
  • Battery life: flashing mode 30 hours lasting
cateye rapid mini tail bike lightjpg

Cateye Rapid Mini (25 Lumen) USB Rear Bike Light and Reflectors

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CatEye Rear Piloto Trasero Rapid Mini USB, Unisex Adulto, Negro
  • Deshazte de la noche
  • Desde la carrera del café de la mañana hasta la carrera de aventuras las 24 ,horas
  • CatEye es el líder de la industria en tecnología de luz
  • Tipo de deporte: Sports Technology

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Is it Worth Your Money? garmin varia

Garmin Varia | Cycling Radar and Tail Light

  • Rearview radar with tail light provides awareness of vehicles approaching from behind up to 153 yards (140 meters) away.
  • Battery life: up to 16 hours in day flash mode
  • Pairs seamlessly with your Edge bike computer, smartphones and Garmin devices.
  • Daylight visibility up to 1 mile alerts motorists to your presence as soon as possible
  • Peloton mode provides a low-intensity light flash that is perfect for cycling in groups
Garmin Varia tail light radar view

Garmin Varia RTL515 Rearview Cycling Radar and Tail Light

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Nine different lighting modes

Olight® RN120 Bicycle Tail Light

Olight RN 120 is a powerful bicycle tail light, the max output can be reached up to 120 lumens, breaking through design conception, brings you 260°visibility. The tail light comes with a micro-USB charging cable, easy to charge with any power source like your laptop or portable power bank.

  • Waterproof: IPX6
  • 9 different lighting modes: High Mode: 80 lumens – 90 min / Mid Mode: 45 lumens – 170min / Low Mode: 20 lumens – 310min / Auto Break / Flash / Breathe / Comet / Interactive / Smart Mode
  • Max battery life: 20 hours
olight satefy light motion sensor

Olight® RN120 Bicycle Tail Light

OLIGHT RN 120 luces de bicicleta, 120 lúmenes, luz trasera de 260 grados, rango visible de 1500 m, luces recargables por USB, batería de polímero de 480 mAh, resistente al agua IPX6, ciclistas de carretera y urbanos
  • ✅120 lúmenes máximo, visibilidad de 260 grados
  • Sensor de movimiento inteligente para conducción segura
  • Modo de batería baja: modo flash de ahorro de energía activado al 5% de la batería
  • Fácil de operar: doble clic para cambiar el modo, clic corto para pasar a través de los ajustes de brillo, función de memoria para un inicio rápido
  • La tasa de impermeabilidad IPX6 puede resistir el agua desde cualquier dirección

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Bright cycling rear light - best price-quality


If you ride through busy roads you are getting good value. Probably, this is the most powerful low cost light, 110 lumens. This light increase your day and night visibility to ride safer. It has thousands of positive reviews in Amazon US, UK and CA. This is a cheap light sold worldwide.

  • Lab-tested output of 110 lumens
  • Battery Life: 4 to 10h lasting.
  • USB Rechargeable: 2 hours charging
  • Waterproof: IPX 4
  • Packing information: 1 x tail light, 2 x mount, 1 x cable and 1 x user manual.

Don PEREGRINO 110 Lumens Powerful LED Bike Rear Light

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Most popular Trek Bike Light

Bontrager Flare RT Rear Bike Light

Make every ride safer with Bontrager Flare RT. Trek brand says; focus and range enable it to be seen from 2 km away during daytime hours. The flash pattern produces up to 90 lumens and this light has a sensor auto-adjusts brightness to your environment.

  • Flash modes: 90LM-6hrs,
  • 45LM-12hrs, 5LM-15hrs. Steady modes: 25LM-4.5hrs, 5LM-13.5hrs.
  • Includes rear Quick Connect bracket and Mini USB charging cable.IPX7 waterproof rating.
Bontrager Rear Bike Light

Bontrager Flare RT

Available in Amazon Spain

Bontrager LUZ Trasera Flare RT
  • -Enfoque, destello y autonomía diseñados específicamente para ofrecer la máxima visibilidad durante el día – El patrón de destello discontinuo produce hasta 90 lúmenes y ofrece la máxima visibilidad diurna – El sensor de luz integrado permite ajustar el brillo automáticamente en función del entorno -Conéctala con los dispositivos Garmin y Bontrager ANT+ para tenerla siempre encendida, para ver el estado de la batería y controlarla de forma remota -Modos de destello: 90 LM-6 horas,

Most popular rear bike lights in Amazon